We all go for shopping at the beginning of new year and new season; to figure out what is in and what is out we all are guilty of scouring through markets before we actually shop, unlike all the past years, this year we thought, lets jazz up our routine with a little beforehand research into the latest trends that have hit the mainstream fashion scene this year.

Read ahead as we list down some of the most coveted trends of 2020:

1. Broad Powerful Shoulders

Like 2019, 2020 is all about empowering women in the world of entrepreneurship. Women are leading the IT world as much as any other. However, now they can lead with a significant style statement in the form of power suits that boast power shoulders which are symbolic for assertive, confident and powerful personnel. You can see Burberry and Celine for inspiration.

2. Changing Times, Changing Trench coats

Although vests are back in fashion for women, you can take the cue from Gucci as much as Celine but you’d be surprised to see the leading trench coat designer brand Burberry finally got bored of its statement plaid design and opting for a rather feminine and chic design in the form of laser cut trench coats. So, the word is out, and you have heard it too. 2020, is the year for empowering women!

3. Artsy Crafty Designs Make A Comeback

Since 2019 showed us how badly we have inflicted misery upon our natural environment, 2020 calls for sustainable solutions. Where the fashion industry accounted for 10% of the total greenhouse emissions it became imminent for urgent measures to be taken by most individuals.  A number of labels went towards slow-fashion taking inspiration from the age old techniques of designing that incorporated the crocheted tops with lacey fabrics. Traditional art will be all the rage in 2020.

4. All That Sequined Bling

Sequin laden jackets to dresses are not going out anytime soon. So, if you like the bling trend more than your life, sticks to it. You can shine all day all night with sequins thanks to tuxedo jackets and slip dresses that have remained in classic portion from the last decade. Be it a party, or an actual award ceremony you will see Saint Lauren and Ralph Lauren’s creation in and out.

5. Bringing Back The 80s Silhouette

So, a lot went down last in terms of bringing back the classics. Whether you are considering the maiden dresses that made a quick come back or the loose silhouettes that surely will hit the ceiling this year. From crocheted long maxis to yoke embellished dresses that bring forth the boho vibe in clothes, 2020 is going to be all about rummaging through your mother’s closet to bring together an ensemble that you can proudly don at a party.


These are some top of the list trends that you can take inspiration from, but there is a lot more that might just be heading your way – so keep an eye for the latest updates.

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